Albert Goodman, a leading chartered accountant based in the South West, selected Fathom to scope out, strategise, design, program, host and now maintain a brand new website that would work harder, reflect their brand story more accurately and deliver the right results they were looking for.

Project deliverables:

Branding Workshops Collateral Launch & website Photography Video


Your Project Management team have been great and really helpful throughout the entire process. It’s been a crazy 12 months but the process has been smooth and the site has been very very well received. Thank you all.

Head of Marketing

We created an uplifting campaign that communicated new beginnings as well as their local expertise with time-lapse videos and photography in locations where their offices are based.

A huge thank you to the entire team for getting us to the point of going live, you’ve all been so thorough and so amiable to our endless questions and particular-ness! We are really, really pleased with the website, how it looks and how it functions. We have just had our first successful enquiry come through from a potential client – so that’s good! So far, we have had only positive feedback (astonishing!)

Business Development Manager

We also photographed over 350 staff at their various locations in a consistent and dynamic style.

The team’s down to earth and approachable manner has made this process easy and enjoyable and we look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis

Head of Marketing

Alongside the website Fathom were asked to create a compelling and creative campaign that would stand Albert Goodman out from the accountancy crowd to focus on the Auditing part of their business. We created some strong and disruptive headlines alongside some impactful visuals for press, digital and outdoor media in relevant locations for their business.

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