Bournemouth Collegiate School had been living with a tired brand for a while, and recognised the importance of refreshing their identity to reflect the school they had become in the fiercely competitive private school arena of the south coast.

Project deliverables:

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This was an exciting and unusual visual identity refresh, with our priority being to achieve the right balance between contemporary and traditional. There’s a need for an air of ‘establishment’, heritage and respectability, to be perfectly blended with the impression of a modern, progressive, forward thinking institution, equipping today’s youngsters for twenty-first century life.

The monogram we developed for BCS reflects all these things, as well as the subtle complexity of their two site system.

It’s made up of the three letters: B, C & S. There are two areas contained within the the B, the smaller curve for the prep school, the larger for the senior school. They are entwined, showing unity, and enclosed, suggesting protection. A floral element represents the nurturing nature of the prep site in leafy Parkstone, the dolphin’s tail symbolising the senior site by the sea in Southbourne.

The central part of the logo, where the three letters intersect, forms the basis of a cohesive graphical design element used across all collateral material, from website and brochures to signage and stationery, and perhaps most crucially on things like uniform, sports kit and vehicle livery, that make up every day life at the school.

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